Village Roots, Growing Local

We are a small scale nursery and producer located in Lawrencetown on the beautiful Annapolis River. Mike is our resident expert on all things organic gardening with over 40 years experience. Krista is a relative novice grower and gardener and considers herself an ‘experimental’ gardener – she enjoys trying different techniques and growing native, unique and/or hard to find plants.

We grow all our plants/seedlings from seed, and as such will post a complete list of available plants around mid-May when we see what comes up! We will have a variety of herbs, vegetables, annuals and perennials.

We are also planning to have a number of patio-friendly or container garden friendly herbs and veggies, to help address food security and to promote the benefits of growing one’s own food. In addition, we strive to keep our prices reasonable, but competitive, in order to make growing as financially accessible as possible.

To help address climate change and promote environmental sustainability, we are pleased to share that we accept new & used, whole/unbroken & clean, seedling trays and nursery pots. These can also be used for discounts towards your purchase. Amount will be determined based on sizes and quantities.